...the Supreme Experience!!! Episode 1: The Beginning!!!

Check out Episode 1 of my ALL NEW cinematic series “...the Supreme Experience!!!”. Check it out and let me know what you think!!! Thank you!!!

...the introduction!!! Official video COMING SOON!!!

Welcome to the official online home of The Supreme General!!! This is the official trailer for my upcoming new CLASSIC ...the introduction!!! . It’s the first single off my forthcoming release “the GOD album!!!” . Pre orders for both “the GOD album!!!” and “...the bachelor LIFE!!!” EP will be available here soon!!! Sign up for my official email list below to stay updated on that, in addition to becoming eligible for all the EXCLUSIVE dope exclusive songs/videos, giveaways, etc just by signing up you won’t find anywhere else!!! Until then, check out some of the dope music I have currently available *Just press the “play” button on the banner at the bottom of the page for something quick while u explore* Thanks yo!!! I appreciate u!!! 💯👑

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